The festival pub is at the very heart of our event and features more than 150 local ales on tap, all served by the brewers who brewed them. Take your time to chat with an expert or two about what makes real ale so real, and check out our handy beer- tasting guide to see which brews most tantalise your tastebuds. And remember, there are NO mainstream brands in our festival pub, so trying something new is most definitely the order of the day. Have fun!


Usually dark brown in colour, due to the use of well-roasted malts or barley, it’s less hopped than bitters and often has a chocolatey character with nutty and burnt flavours.


An ordinary bitter is spicy, peppery and grassy in taste. By comparison, with best and strong bitters it’s the malt and fruit character that tends to dominate - although hop aroma and bitterness remain crucial to the style. This is often achieved by ‘late hopping' in the brewery, or by adding hops to casks prior to them being transported to pubs.


Golden ale boasts a biscuity and juicy malt character derived from pale malts, underscored by tart citrus

fruit and peppery hops, often with the addition of hints of vanilla and cornflour. Pale amber, gold, yellow or straw- coloured, these ales are thirst-quenching and served cool.


Look for juicy malt, citrus fruit and a big, spicy, peppery, bitter hop character, with strengths of 4% upwards.


Porters are complex in flavour, range from 4% to 6.5% and are typically black or dark brown. The darkness comes from the use of dark malts, whereas with stouts, the colour comes from the use of roasted malted barley. Stouts can be dry or sweet and range from 4% to 8% ABV.


Brewers add all sorts of things to their beers - from fruit and veg to spices, chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla pods. All manner of wild yeast is encouraged in order to develop intriguing flavours. This range is very much ‘on trend’ at the moment.


At the 1985 lager bar, you’ll be able to check out a range of local lagers - including, of course, our favourite 1985! The word ‘lager’ has become a catch-all phrase for beers which have been cold conditioned (or bottom fermented). For the average beer drinker, the difference between an ale and a lager comes down to how the beer looks, smells and tastes. Ales tend to be fruity; lagers are clean- tasting and frequently described as ‘crisp’. To a brewer, however, the difference is more fundamental, with an entirely different type of yeast being used during lager fermentation.

We are pulling together the beers list for 2018 so watch this space.... see below for the 2017 list...

Battlefield Brewery

Battlefield brewery will be bringing a large range of their real ales and you will also find their Shropshire Lager served on the 1985 lager bar. 

Shropshire Lager - A crisp Munich style lager with a gentle bitter-sweet finish.


Shropshire Lad

Well rounded, Amlty brew with dash of toffee, with bittersweet finish - 4.5%

Shropshire Lass

Crisp clean mouthful leaving a light citrus finish - 4.0%

Born N Bred

Full floral and tropical citrus flavoured ale - 4.5%

Ebony Oatmeal

Easy drinking, with notes of liquorice, coffee and chocolate - 4.5%


Whisky Well

Sweet malt followed by smooth dry hops and subtle Whisky flavours - 6.5%


Amber, well balanced male with fruity flavoured hops - 3.7%


Golden, papaya, pineapple and lemon aroma. Gold has a soft, full bodied creamy taste - 4.2%

Black Knight

Ruby Black liquorice sweet then dry smokey roasted coffee - 4.5%

Boiling Well

Auburn chesnut complexion and a grassy aroma of autumn fruit with a full bodied sweet then dry taste - 4.7%


Stairway has a honey gold complexion with a grassy, citrus floral aroma. It has a sharp, sweet, full bodied taste - 5.0%



Traditional English and sweet floral aroma - 4.8%


Well balanced bitterness. Aromas of lemon balm and spice - 4.2%


Strong, golden ale - 4.8%


Chinook aromas and flavors of citrus and tropical fruits - 4.0%


Delicious tropical flavours and a big citrus aroma - 4.5%


Perfectly balanced bitter sweetness. Aroma of winter berries, complimented with ale and chocolate malts - 4.3%

IPA No.3

Creating a plethora of citrus and tropical fruit lifts, all complimenting a hoppy base - 6.0%


Golden Dale

Sweet, fruity and smooth - 4.2%


Floral Hop, Light spice and Dry - 4.5%

Dark and Delicious

Smooth and creamy with a roasted coffee taste - 4.5%

Dale Ale

Fruity, nutty with a toffee taste - 4.0%

Farmer Ray Green Hop Ale

Sharp, fruity, roasted - 4.5%


Full Blast

Packed with bittering hops to give a full refreshing flavour - 4.7%

Iron Runner

Blended with the finest cara and crystal malts - 4.3%


Light, crisp and refreshing - 4.4%

Pelenna Valley Alen

Smooth and easy going, with a biscuit aftertaste - 4.0%

Nut Red Coke

Ruby red with a smooth malty burnt finish - 4.8%

Pit Heat Porter

Smooth and easy going, with a biscuit aftertaste - 5.4%



Traditional and fruity - 4.2%

Holy Grail

Citrus and floral - 4.3%

Welsh Black

Chocolate, toffee and coffee - 5.5%

Wrexham Borders Bitter

Traditional, hoppy, hay notes - 3.9%


Worcestershire Way

A very refreshing session beer with citrus after tones - 3.9%

Worcestershire Sway

Pale in colour with sweetness and a fruity finish - 5.0%

Sir Keith Park

Amarillo and First Gold hops give a distinct fruity/spicy balanced flavour, with a zesty aroma - 4.5%

William Mucklow's
 Dark Mild

A dark, sweetish, strong Ale with smooth fruity flavour & slight Liquorice after taste - 6.0%


Swan Gold

Golden, with floral aromas - 4.0%

Arm Breaker

Brewed to recreate the original style of Indian Pale Ale - 6.0%

Swan Amber

A drinkable amber ale with pronounced biscuit sweetness - 4.4%

Swan Porter

Rich, sweet full flavour - 4.6%



A light pale beer with a fresh citrus undertone - 3.8%

Welsh Bitter

A hoppy tasting brew - 4.2%

Classic IPA

A sharp, hoppy grapefruit finish - 4.8%

Winter Cheer

Infused with cinnamon, honey, ginger with a secret blend of spices - 6.0%

Black Rock

Made with chocolate malt that tastes as velvety as it looks - 5.6%

Sugar Loaf

Full bodied with smooth caramelised undertones - 4.8%


The HopFather

Smooth malty undertones with a burst of citrus and grapefruit flavours - 3.9%


A delightful straw-coloured ale with a wonderful citrus aroma from Celeia hops. Truly distinctive. - 4.0%

Butty Bach

A full-bodied, burnished golden, premium ale with a subtle sweet taste and smooth malty finish - 4.5%

Wholesome Stout

A dark and indulgent beer with strong roasted barley flavours, coffee notes and a dry bitter finish - 4.6%

Autumn Devil

A spirited-redhead masquerading as a brunette, this is an intense winter ale with fine local hops - 4.8%


Session IPA

Plenty of tropical and citrus fruit flavours supported by a moderate bitterness and body - 4.0%

Black IPA

Slightly roasted character paired with fruity US hops and a punchy bitterness - 6.3%


Super refreshing with banana , vanilla and clove characters - 4.7%

Pale Ale

Moderate bitterness with gentle citrus and blackcurrant flavours - 4.5%


Smooth with gentle roasted coffee and chocolate flavours - 4.8%


Cwrw Haf

Light with a zesty citrus taste - 4.2%

Cwrw Idris

A malty beer, with a pleasing bitter finish - 4.2%

Blodwens Beer

A delicious, full bodied flavour, malty and citrusy - 5.0%


A refreshing amber ale, with a light rounded bitterness - 4.2%


A rich red premium cask ale with a full fruity/citrus hop flavour - 4.5%

Pecker Wrecker

A rich fruity beer with a gentle hoppy finish - 5.0%

Taffy Apples

A very easy drinking cider with a light body and a sweet and slightly bitter finish - 6.0%


Pure Blonde

Refreshing, citrus and lemon notes - 3.8%

Pale Ale

Crisp, biscuity, caramel - 4.1%

Slumbering Monk

Nutty, malty, full bodied - 4.5%

Moon Madness

Fruit, treacle, liquorice - 4.66%


Marmalade, citrus - 4.5%


Station Bitter

Traditional bitter - a full bodied, very drinkable session beer - 3.9%


A pale session beer with delicate hints of tropical fruit hops - 4.0%

Cambrian Gold

A deep golden fruity beer with a subtle dry finish - 4.2%

Tekau 10

A crisp pale beer, with refreshing pine and citrus notes - 4.3%

Off the Rails

A rich malty premium bitter, with a classic british hop flavour - 4.8%

Sweeney Mountain Cider

Medium dry cloudy cider - 6.2%



Traditional, caramel, bitter - 3.6%

Spellman Sam

Light, refreshing, fruity - 4.4%

Handy Man

Strong, bitter, citrus - 5.5%


Spicy, caramel, fruity - 4.7%


Bitter, pine, grapefruit - 4.8%

Dashing Chimes

Light, refreshing, subtly fruity - 4.9%


Malty, herbal, spicy - 5.0%


Hazy, smooth, fruity - 6.0%


Malty, dry and refreshing - 5.5%

So Pumpkin’ Good!

Sweet, spicy, Fruity - 4.9%