getting back to 1985

Real ale not your thing? Well Wye Valley Brewery are bringing the 1985 Lager Bar to  the Oktoberfest!

We are honoured to have our Shropshire Oktoberfest Craft Lager Bar sponsored by one of the best brewers in the region - Wye Valley Brewery.

Craft lagers - often dispensed in keg form, have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, and we’re proud to have a fine selection including Wye Valley Brewery's own 1985 available for you to enjoy at the Oktoberfest.

For the average real-ale drinker, the idea of 'supping' a lager would perhaps not be too appealing, with mainstream lagers tending to be overly carbonated and lacking in flavour. But with the new wave of kegged lagers being produced by some of the country's best beer brewers, lagers of a completely different character are tempting even the most hardcore of ale fans.

Wye Valley Brewery's head brewer, Gareth Bateman, has described 1985 as 'a cool, crisp, Kölsch-style lager, pale-straw in colour, with an earthy bitterness that’s derived from locally grown Pilot hops. Other hops include local Herefordshire varieties and traditional European lager hops, which give 1985 its delicate, fruity aroma. Absolutely no preservatives are used'. Abbie Gadd, Wye Valley Brewery's Marketing Manager, recognises how lucky the brewery is to be situated in the heart of Herefordshire - home to the best varieties of British hops. "It's important to us that we support our local farmers,” says Abbie. “It’s with immense pride that over 80% of our hops and raw ingredients come from within 10 miles of the brewery. It’s the key to how we’ve successfully and consistently brewed beers of distinction for over 30 years.

“Brewing a kegged lager seemed a natural extension to our core range of real ales, and we couldn't be happier with the result. Winning a major award at this year's International Brewing Awards - the Oscars of the brewing world - is testament to how great 1985 is. Be sure to visit the 1985 Craft Lager Bar and the Wye Valley Brewery beer tent to try our beautiful beers for yourself!"